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1. International Scrum Master Foundation (free)

2. International Product Owner Foundation (free)

Free education program: Just go into the Academy and start your free education today. Empower yourself by gaining more knowledge. It opens doors to brilliant career opportunities

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1. International Scrum Master Foundation (free)

2. International Product Owner Foundation

3. International Agile Tester Foundation

Prove your skills!
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By taking certification, you earn credibility and respect in your field. Login, take the exam and get your diploma.

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Does your candidate fit the job?

Whether you are a job agency, recruitment company or a company looking for hiring in permeant staff or contractors, finding the perfect candidate with the right skills can be difficult. Quick Test helps you learn more about your candidate’s professional skills.

Quick Test will help you to:

  • Test the skills of your candidates.
  • Find skills weakness and strengths of your candidates.
  • Check if candidate CV skills match the real skills.
  • Get a fast overview of the Quick Test result.
  • Get detailed reports of the Quick Test result.

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2014-12-05 - International Agile Test Foundation It is now possible to take the NEW certification. Just login under certification, take the exam and get your diploma. The web learning material is not ready yet, but the book is ready on Amazon kindle.

Learning book for the new International Agile Test Foundation:
Agile Tester book

Other agile books
The Scrum Master book
The Product Owner book
Scrum Management (both courses)
Show us the Kindle payment, put in some stars in Amazon and send us a short testimonials, and we will give you  60 days free access to the Product Owner or Agile test exam (value $49). info@scrum.as


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International Scrum Master Foundation

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Open content program: The education and certification schema is started by a Linkedin group containing more than 3000 members that is growing rapidly. The Open education program is about securing updated and high quality course content. All members can suggest improvement of each part of a course, and course materials are therefor following the fast changing world we are living in.

We don’t need boards, steering committees and expensive yearly gatherings in expensive hotels for changing outdated course materials 2-3 years too late. We believe that more than 3000 online content watcher will do a better job.

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