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International Scrum Master Foundation

Free education program: Just go into the Academy and start your free education today. Empower yourself by gaining more knowledge. It opens doors to brilliant career opportunities.

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International Scrum Master Foundation

Prove your skills. Getting the education is of course most important “improve you skills”. By taking the certification you earn credibility and respect in your field. And you build confidence in your knowledge of the profession.

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Open content program: The education and certification schema is started by a Linkedin group containing more than 3000 members that is growing rapidly. The Open education program is about securing updated and high quality course content. All members can suggest improvement of each part of a course, and course materials are therefor following the fast changing world we are living in.

We don’t need boards, steering committees and expensive yearly gatherings in expensive hotels for changing outdated course materials 2-3 years too late. We believe that more than 3000 online content watcher will do a better job.

SCRUM Academy