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International Scrum Master Foundation

Steen Lerche-Jensen

6.4 Sprint Review

The sprint review is an informal meeting which the development team, the scrum master, the product owner and the stakeholders attend. The team gives a demo on the product and will determine what is finished and what is not. The purpose of the sprint review meeting is for the team to show the customers and stakeholders the work they have accomplished over the sprint and compare it to the commitment given at the beginning of the sprint.

The meeting is also used to have a look at the product backlog and any changes made to it during the sprint and participants then discuss what could be done to optimize value in upcoming Sprints.

A sprint review may last up to 4 hours in a 4-week-sprint. The general rule is that the sprint review should take no more than one hour per week of sprint duration. Again, it is the scrum master who facilitates the meeting and makes sure it is kept within the time-box.

The sprint review includes the following elements:

  • Participants are the development team and key stakeholders invited by the product owner.
  • The product owner explains:
    • what has been done
    • what has not been done
    • work that has been added
    • work removed from the sprint
  • The development team explains:
    • what went well during the sprint
    • what problems it ran into
    • how those problems were solved
  • The development team presents the work marked as Done, potentially shippable for implementation.
  • The product backlog and its status is explained by the product owner. This normally includes upcoming delivery dates and changes in release plans.
  • What to do next is discussed by everybody to bring important value to the next sprint planning meeting.
  • If there is any change in the market situation about the product or the use of it, it will be discussed by everybody in the meeting.
  • Budget, schedule and capabilities of upcoming releases can also be subject for discussion.

The outcome of the sprint review is a refined product backlog indicating which product backlog items are expected in the next sprint.

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