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Test Process Advanced (ITPA)

Steen Lerche-Jensen

3.0 Test Management Processes

At this level, we have three test management processes:


The test management processes are generic and may be applied at a projects different kind of test levels (example: System test, Acceptance test) – as illustration we can show a normal v-Model, but it can also be applied on all kinds of agile models. However, here the V-model to show different kind of test levels (also called test phases).

The test management processes can be applied on all test levels, shown on the right side of below figure (Validation phases):

Moreover, the test management processes can be applied to various test types (Performance test, Usability test etc.) – Examples of test types can be dragged out from the product quality model ISO/IEC 25010:

Test management processes are used to manage the testing activities for the whole project, based on a project test plan (we will go through all test documents in detail in another course.

Here we show the relationship between the tree test management processes, and the interaction with the organizational test process, other applications of the test management processes and the dynamic test processes.


There needs to be alignment between the organizational test process and the test management processes, such as the organizational test policy and strategy. Moreover, the test management processes produce feedback to the organizational test process.

Now let us deep dive into the three Test Management Processes.

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