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Test Process Advanced (ITPA)

Steen Lerche-Jensen

3.3 Test Completion Process

Activities to complete the testing carried out at a specific Test phase or Test type. The process is also used to complete testing on the project level.

To make available test assets for later use, recording the test results and communication it to the stakeholders. In addition this process, clean up the test environment.

The test asset to make ready for later use are:

  • Test Plans
  • Test Case Specifications
  • Test scripts
  • Test Tools
  • Test Data
  • Test Environment infrastructure

Inputs to activities in this process may include:

  • Test Plans
  • Phase Test Plans
  • Incident Reports
  • Project Test Status Reports
  • Phase/Type Test Completion Reports
  • Organizational Test Strategy

Expected outcome of Test Completion Process implementation:

  1. Test assets are either archived or passed directly to the relevant stakeholders
  2. The test environment is in its agreed state;
  3. All test requirements are satisfied and verified;
  4. The Test Completion Report is recorded;
  5. The Test Completion Report is approved;
  6. The Test Completion Report is communicated to relevant stakeholders.
  7. Information items to be produced:
    1. Test Completion Report

3.3.1 Graphic overview of the Test Completion Process:

Figure: Test Completion Process. Important to understand that in practice some of the activities are carried out iteratively. This means that you might have to revisit some of the activities multiple times

The Test Manager or the person(s) responsible for test monitoring and control shall implement the following activities and tasks in accordance with applicable organization policies and procedures with respect to the Test Completion Process.

# Activity Tasks


Archive Test Assets

  1. Those test assets, which may be of use later, should be identified and made available using appropriate means.
  2. Those test assets, which may be reused on other projects, should be identified and archived.
  3. The availability of reusable test assets shall be recorded in the Test Completion Report and communicated to the relevant stakeholders.


Clean Up Test Environment

  1. The test environment shall be restored to a pre-defined state on completion of all testing activities.


Identify Lessons Learned

  1. Lessons learned during the project execution shall be recorded.
    1. What went well during testing and associated activities;
    2. What did not go well during testing and associated activities;
    3. Recommended improvements to the testing and other processes, such as the development process.
  2. The outcomes shall be recorded for inclusion in the Test Completion Report and communicated to the relevant stakeholders.


Report Test Completion

  1. Relevant information shall be collected from the following documents, but not limited to:
    1. Test Plans
    2. Test Results
    3. Test Status Reports
    4. Test Completion Reports from test phase or test type
    5. Incident Reports
  2. The collected information shall be evaluated and summarized in the Test Completion Report.
  3. Approval for the Test Completion Report shall be obtained from the responsible stakeholder(s).
  4. The approved Test Completion Report shall be distributed to the relevant stakeholders.

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