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Test Process Advanced (ITPA)

Steen Lerche-Jensen

4.2 Test Environment Set-Up & Maintenance Process

The process is used to establish and maintain the environment in which tests are executed. This also mean that is you have change and configuration management processes, maintenance and changes to the test environments may be managed by using these processes.
In the Test Plan you will describe your requirements for the test environment, but only when you have gone through the Test Design & Implementation Process you normally knows all your needs for the test environment .

To establish and maintain the required test environment and to communicate its status to all relevant stakeholders.

Inputs to activities in this process may include:

  • Test plan
  • Test Environment Requirements
  • Intended/operational environment
  • Test basis
  • Test procedure(s)
  • Test results

Expected outcome of Test Environment Set-Up & Maintenance Process:

  1. The test environment is set-up in a state ready for testing
  2. The status of the test environment is communicated to all relevant stakeholders
  3. The test environment is maintained
  4. Information items to be produced:
    1. Test Environment
    2. Test data
    3. Test Environment Readiness Report
    4. Test Data Readiness Report
    5. Test Environment Updates

4.2.1 Graphic overview of the Test Environment Set-Up & Maintenance Process:

# Activity Tasks


Establish Test Environment

  1. Based on the Test Plan, the detailed requirements generated as a result of the Test Design & Implementation Process, the requirement for test tools, and the scale/ formality of the testing, the following shall be performed:
    1. Plan the set-up of the test environment
    2. Design the test environment
    3. Determine the degree of configuration management to be applied
    4. Implement the test environment
    5. Set up test data to support the testing
    6. Set up test tools to support the testing
    7. Install and configure the test item on the test environment
    8. Verify that the test environment meets the test environment requirements
    9. Provide assurance that the test environment meets the defined requirements
  2. The status of the test environment and test data shall be recorded and communicated through the Test Environment Readiness Report and Test Data Readiness Report to the relevant stakeholders
  3. The Test Environment Readiness report shall include a description of the known differences between the test environment and the operational environment


Maintain Test Environment

  1. The test environment shall be maintained as defined by the test environment requirements
  2. Changes to the status of the test environment shall be communicated to the relevant stakeholders


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