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International Kanban Master Foundation

Steen Lerche-Jensen

1.11. Kanban in Lean/ Agile Software/ Product Development

Software and tech development teams have embraced Kanban's way to implement Agile principles. The Kanban method assists teams develop a clear visualization of the work they are doing and get customer feedback promptly and at a more detailed ground. This helps teams get to market faster with greater allegiance to what the clients need from the products and services.

Kanban Method

Kanban’s description has upgraded over the last 3-5 years. Currently, it is termed as a process to bring about agility in managing product presentation in a gradual, evolutionary manner.

Kanban method consequently issues important principles and techniques that man Service level Agreement (SLA) commitments, conveying services to market in time, thus reducing risks and possible cost of delay. With concepts such as Class of Service, deferred commitment and 2-phase commit, Kanban assists clients and the production team synchronize efficiently and helps ensure required stuff are getting done at the perfect time.

The rise of Upstream Kanban, Portfolio Kanban and Enterprise Services planning has, over the previous years, given businesses greater reason to implement Kanban to attain enterprise agility an enhanced market performance.

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