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International Kanban Master Foundation

Steen Lerche-Jensen

2. Kanban Board

2.1. What is a Kanban Board?

A Kanban board is the main representation instrument for actualizing Kanban in your business. A Kanban board is utilized by any group that uses Kanban for visual administration of their work and improving their conveyance of products and administrations as far as consistency, quality and time-to-market performance.

A Kanban board can be physical – this is how most groups begin using Kanban – or electronic. Kanban board consists of one or more (swim) lanes and multiple columns to show the workflow process (The Value Stream) that it is used to manage. A Kanban board communicates with a "virtual Kanban framework" used to demonstrate the procedure and track the learning work being finished by your group.

Kanban Method

Start with a physical board on a white piece of board, or even a large glass window in the office. The size of the Kanban is a key variant for visibility.

Lots of teams shift to an electronic Kanban board for supporting distributed groups well and produce automated metrics for a more effective way of reporting.

Kanban Method

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