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International Kanban Master Foundation

Steen Lerche-Jensen

2.2. Lanes and columns in a Kanban Board

You can begin with a fundamental Kanban leading body of 3 sections – To Do, Doing and Done – populated with cards that speak to work things of various sorts. In any case, passing by the Kanban adage of "Begin with what you have", most groups begin by displaying their present procedure which will in general be more intricate than that.

Kanban Method

The segments on the board seen in 3 columns:

  • “To Do”: This section shows all the tasks that are yet to be done. It is positioned at the start of the board. Also known as ‘Ready’.
  • “Doing”: This column includes the tasks that are currently in progress by the team. You can include multiple columns in this section. Also known as Progress.
  • “Done”: Showcases all the completed tasks in the team. Based on the workflow, you can divide the parts of the workflow to have specific sections joint together.

Moreover, you may have a different "collection bin or area" called the Backlog where cards are at first made and stored. Essentially, at the opposite end, you may have an "Archive" canister for keeping the cards that have been Done and are presently 'closed'.

Kanban Method

A Kanban board can have one or numerous paths, also known as swim paths, which can be utilized to isolate different types of work, which may likely have diverse workflows. Paths can be characterized to follow and oversee distinctive work item types, diverse Classes of Service, diverse items or applications or business streams that your group works with, various clients or specialty units they support, and so on. The association of your Kanban board has numerous considerations.

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