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International Kanban Master Foundation

Steen Lerche-Jensen

5. What is Scrumban?

Many people trust that Scrum and Kanban are two fundamentally different ways of performing software development. Every time you get a site or blog article or even a conference that phrases “Scrum vs. Kanban,” which in turn lead to that belief. The fact is that, they are completely complimentary.

5.1. The Scrum vs Kanban mentality

Kanban, just like Scrum, is an evolutionary method that involves making moderate changes to the processes you are already using. As expressed by David Anderson in his Kanban blue book, Kanban is not a Software development or project management concept. Rather, it is a way to improve one’s actions. Without an evident process, Kanban cannot be applied.

When Kanban is applied on top of your existing scrum operations, it assists a person get a clear picture of the process worked on. There could be possible bottlenecks and means to improve which in turn improves the workflow, the time to market and predictability.

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