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International Kanban Master Foundation

Steen Lerche-Jensen

1.4. The Principles & Practices of Kanban

The Kanban Method entails a set of principles and practices for handling and improving the workflow. It is an evolutionary, settling method which promotes gradual enhancements to an Organization’s process. With these principles and practices, one can effectively use Kanban to maximize the reimbursements to your business process – improve flow, reduce cycle time, upsurge the customer value – with better likelihood, by which all these are vital to any current Business.

Below are the 4 Foundational Principles and 6 Core Practices of the Kanban Methodology:

Foundational Principles of the Kanban Theory

  • Start with what you are doing now: The Kanban Method sturdily stresses on not making any change to your existing setup/ process at that moment. The Kanban process must be applied directly to current workflow. Any changes needed kind of car progressively over a period at a pace which the team is comfortable with.
  • Agree to pursue incremental, evolutionary change: Kanban encourages you to make small incremental changes rather than making fundamental changes that could cause resistance within the team and organization at large.
  • Initially, respect current roles, responsibilities and job-titles: Unlike other methods, Kanban does not execute any administrative changes by itself. Consequently, it is not essential to make changes to your current roles and functions, which could be performing greatly. Together, the team will categorize and implement changes needed. These 3 principles assist the organization overwhelm the typical emotional confrontation and fear of change that typically accompany any ingenuities in an organization.
  • Encourage acts of leadership at all levels: Kanban inspires unceasing developments at all the stages of the body, and it says that headship acts do not have to originate from senior managers only. Individual at any level can provide ideas to show leadership and implement changes that continually improve the way they deliver their products and services.

Kanban Method

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