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International SCRUM Master Foundation (Scrum Guideline 2020)

Steen Lerche-Jensen

3.2 Focus

Everyone focuses on the work of the sprint and the goals of the development team. When we are dealing with complexity and unpredictability, focus is essential in order to get anything meaningful done. Because we focus on only a few things at a time, we deliver the most valuable items sooner. The scrum framework includes elements that help promote focus:

  • The team should focus on having a Done increment at least by the end of every sprint.
  • Each scrum role has a distinct accountability, which helps individuals know what to focus on as their priority. Ultimately, this contributes to team work outcomes.
  • The development team focuses on a sprint goal to guide the team in what to deliver.
  • The product backlog is a prioritized order of tasks, that directs focus on what is the most important thing to do next.
  • Time-boxed sprint events create a sense of urgency and help us focus on the purpose of the event.
  • The scrum events and artefacts help create focus on inspecting progress and new information, so the team can adapt at frequent enough intervals.