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International Product Owner Foundation

Steen Lerche-Jensen


13.1 Sprint Review Meeting

The Scrum Core Team members and relevant Stakeholder(s) participate in Sprint Review Meetings to accept the Deliverables that meet the User Story Acceptance Criteria and reject those that do not. These meetings are convened at the end of every Sprint. The Scrum Team demonstrates the new features completed during the Sprint, including the new functionalities and product iterations. This provides an opportunity for the Product Owner and Stakeholder(s) to inspect what has been completed so far and to determine if any changes should be made in the project or processes in subsequent Sprints.

13.2 Accepted Deliverables

The Product Owner accepts those Deliverables which meet the User Story Acceptance Criteria. The objective of a Sprint is to create potentially shippable Deliverables, or product increments, which meet the Acceptance Criteria defined by the Customer and Product Owner. These are considered Accepted Deliverables that may be released to the Customer if desired. A list of Accepted Deliverables is maintained and updated after each Sprint Review Meeting. If a Deliverable does not meet the defined Acceptance Criteria, it is not accepted and will usually be carried forward into a subsequent Sprint to rectify any issues. Non-acceptance is an undesirable result since the objective of every Sprint is to produce Deliverables that meet the Acceptance Criteria.

13.3 Rejected Deliverables

Deliverables that do not meet the Acceptance Criteria will be rejected. The User Stories behind these rejections are returned to the Prioritized Product Backlog, and will be considered for inclusion in a future Sprint.

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