Open content program: The education and certification schema is started by a Linkedin group containing more than 8000 members that is growing rapidly. The Open education program is about securing updated and high quality course content. All members can suggest improvement of each part of a course, and course materials are therefor following the fast changing world we are living in.

We don’t need boards, steering committees and expensive yearly gatherings in expensive hotels for changing outdated course materials 2-3 years too late. We believe that more than 3000 online content watcher will do a better job.


Working in Scrum or other agile team have been done all over the world for years. The course plays an important role in applying Scrum and gives you and your team members the tools and methodology to begin using Scrum immediately. The Foundation course and certification helps the team to use Scrum properly and increase the likelihood of team success.

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13 Aug

A totally new and updated version of the International Scrum Master Foundation Course is now uploaded to the www.scrum.as site, you will find it under the Scrum Academy. It is 100% free.
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08 Aug

Happy to say that we now can support our many friends from Brazil. The Scrum Master course is now translated, and so is the exam. You can find the course here and the exam when you log on to your account.

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31 Jul

Scrum.as is a corporate member of the Agile Alliance. We support the fast-growing agile world with free education and low cost diplomas. Agile Alliance is a nonprofit member organization dedicated to promoting the concepts of Agile Software Development as outlined in the Agile Manifesto.
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27 May

New Kanban Course Available in Scrum.as Academy

Scrum.as Academy are delighted to announce that Scrum.as have launched a new online course: International Kanban Master Foundation. The course is free and can easily be accessed here
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03 Apr

Milestone alert: 5,000 members!

Milestone alert: 5,000 members!

Thank you all! This is a big deal for us, so growing to 5000 users calls for celebration.  To celebrate, for the next 5 days, it's 50% off on all our Certifications for individuals.

Now it's time to push gas pedal. The next few months will be a roller coaster ride for all of us. We are preparing new courses for our free to use Scrum Academy, more certifications and a new, easy to use Scrum.as interface.

Looking forward to the next milestone: a smash out 10,000 members!
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05 Feb

Scrum.as - new features

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new feature on Scrum.as: "Exam Reports"

With this new feature you will be able to track your progress and learn faster. Reviewing each answer with details about right and wrong answers enables you to get a better grasp of the course itself and thus helps you earn the certification with less effort.

The exam reports feature is accessible to all our paying customers. If you ever bought at least one diploma you will gain access to all reports.
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18 Dec

Only $29 for your diploma

Only $29 for your diploma: All courses are 100% free – All exams are 100% free.

You only pay an administration fee of $ 29 for downloading your golden Scrum Academy diploma. This is a good deal for sure.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our customer value and satisfaction. This includes periodically reviewing our expenses and pricelists.

I became a certified Scrum Master for the first time in 2012, and now took the certification again through Scrum.as. Study material in Scrum.as is real depth and exam is only possible to pass if you have read the study material, understood agile and scrum and mastered the material. Scrum.as certification is truly world class and get my warmest recommendations!
Thomas Jaskov
Search Engine Marketing Specialist & Owner at Jaskov Consult
At first I was sceptical of what this course could offer, but once I decided to give it a try and got engaged with it I found it very challenging and on par with many professional courses I had taken over the years. The content was superb and you really had to understand the scrum process and study material to pass the exam. It really expanded my knowledge base
Xolano Tena
Director at NX Technologies (Pty) Ltd South Africa
We have been working with scrum and agile development for quite some time now here at ProActive. I was excited when I became aware that it was possible to get certified as a Scrum Master at Scrum.as. The certification requires some study and preferably practical knowledge of Scrum and a general understanding of development processes. I am now happy to be a certified Scrum Master
Filip Lindboe
Scrum is not only a tool or method; it’s a new approach to build software. Sitting in a seminar for three days to get an expensive certificate does not meet the requirements to learn scrum. I like Srcum.as because it has a solid study guide, an online tutorial, good visualisations, and excellent training questions - for free.I trained in the evenings over several months. By that, I could reflect the concepts in daily work and understand them in way a compact seminar cannot offer.
David Möller
IT Consultant, Munich, Germany
Although I had previous experience with Agile methodologies and Scrum I wanted to get certified. When I stumbled upon Scrum.as, I was really impressed by the study material, which seemed that were written by professionals with experience on the subject. As such, I decided to study for the certification which clarified some common mistakes and misconceptions that I had before and provided me with a much better understanding of Scrum. Today I am a certified Scrum Master and I highly recommend Scrum.as.
Dimitrios Maketas
My company asked me to try completing the certifications on the SCRUM Association website. It was challenging at first, but after reading up on certain topics, I managed to pass. I was surprised by the depth and coverage of the certifications and I will recommend it to anyone using SCRUM, both to prove your knowledge and boost your career.
Thomas Kjaerulff
Systems Developer
I want to add my 2 cents about my experience with Scrum.as. I've been wanting some help clearing my Scrum Master exam, at which time scrum.as offered me just in time assistance, and at no cost. Great and excellent information - which enabled me clear my Scrum Master exam in the very first attempt. The study material is step by step and well structured. I enjoyed reading and frankly I thought I already know a lot until I learnt about scrum at scrum.as. I certainly recommend and personally look forward to take up other courses offered at Scrum.as
Beulah Gandham
Cognizant Technology Solution, India
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