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International Product Owner Foundation

Steen Lerche-Jensen


14.1 What to ship

The Release phase focuses on delivery of the Accepted Deliverables to the Customer and on identifying, documenting, and internalizing the lessons learned during the project. Release is the relevant option for the following:

  • Portfolios, programs, and/or projects in any industry
  • Products, services, or any other results to be delivered to Stakeholders
  • Projects of any size or complexity.

Scrum can be applied effectively to any project in any industry—from small projects or Teams with as few as six Team members to large, complex projects with up to several hundred Team members.

14.2 Working Deliverables Agreement

Deliverables that meet the Acceptance Criteria receive formal business sign-off and approval by the Customer or sponsor. To get formal Customer acceptance is critical for revenue recognition and the responsibility for obtaining it will be defined by the company policies and is not necessarily the responsibility of the Product Owner.

14.3 Working Deliverables

This output is the final shippable Deliverable for which the project was sanctioned. As new product increments are created, they are continually integrated into prior increments, so there is a potentially shippable product available at all times throughout the project.

14.4 Product Releases

The Product Releases should include the following:

  • Release Content: This consists of essential information about the Deliverables for the use of the Customer Support Team
  • Release Notes: These should include external or market-facing shipping criteria for the product to be delivered.

14.5 Piloting Plan

A Piloting Plan is an optional input that can be used to map out a pilot deployment in detail. The scope and objectives of the deployment, the target deployment user base, a deployment schedule, transition plans, required user preparation, evaluation criteria for the deployment, and other key elements related to the deployment are specified in the Pilot Plan and shared with Stakeholders.

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