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Test Process Advanced (ITPA)

Steen Lerche-Jensen

4.4 Test Incident Reporting Process

The process is used for the reporting of test incidents (Often called defects). So if you find incidents while testing your software you will enter this process, or when a retest passes.

To report to the relevant stakeholders incidents requiring further action identified as a result of test execution. In the case of a new test this will require an incident report to be created. In the case of a retest, this will require the status of a previously-raised incident report to be updated, but may also require a new incident report to be raised where further incidents are identified.

Inputs to activities in this process may include:

  • Test results
  • Test procedures(s)
  • Test Case(s)
  • Test item(s)
  • Test basis
  • Test execution logs

Expected outcome of Test Incident Reporting Process:

  1. Test results are analysed
  2. New incidents are confirmed
  3. New incident report details are created
  4. The status and details of previously-raised incidents are determined
  5. Previously-raised incident report details are updated as appropriate
  6. New and/or updated incident reports are communicated to the relevant stakeholders
  7. Information items to be produced:
    1. Incident Report

4.4.1 Graphic overview of the Test Incident Reporting Process:

# Activity Tasks


Analyse Test Results

  1. Where a test result relates to a previously-raised incident, the test result shall be analysed and the incident details shall be updated
  2. Where a test result indicates that a new issue has been identified, the test result shall be analysed and it will be determined whether it is an incident that requires reporting, an action item that will be resolved without incident reporting, or requires no further action to be taken
  3. Action items shall be assigned to an appropriate person for resolution


Create/Update Incident Report      

  1. The information that needs to be recorded about the incident shall be identified and reported/updated
  2. The status of new and/or updated incidents shall be communicated to the relevant stakeholders


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