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Test Process Advanced (ITPA)

Steen Lerche-Jensen

4.0 Dynamic Test Processes

The dynamic testing process includes the following activities:

  • Test design & implementation;
  • Test environment set-up & maintenance;
  • Test execution;
  • Test incident reporting.

Figure: Dynamic Test Process. Important to understand that in practice some of the activities are carried out iteratively. This means that you might have to revisit some of the activities multiple times

The dynamic testing process has iterations when monitoring of the test execution will show that the completion criteria defined in the pertinent test sub-process plan have not been met. Tests are designed and run, the overseeing test management process (Test Monitoring and Control) monitors test progress (through test measures) and may require further tests (through control directives) to be designed and run until the test completion criterion for this test activity is achieved.

Directives will be issued from the test sub-process management to the dynamic testing process to initiate or stop action during the course of the dynamic test. This may require, for example, relaying a directive for starting the test design.

Test Measure information will go the other way from the dynamic testing process to the test sub-process management to keep the test project manager aware of progress and/or problems with the activities. This information may be further relayed and used to update appropriate plans.

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