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Steen Lerche-Jensen

4. How can I manage multiple projects or business functions with Kanban?

Most Projects or business scheme include ‘flow’ or ‘process’ which are used to give birth to the end-product.

A business scheme or project mostly has numerous expectations in-progress, at various phases of the value stream. Kanban can be utilized for monitoring all work-in-progress in a visual and straightforward way that gives a typical or single perspective on the 'current situation to anybody intrigued to know, who basically include the shareholders.

Kanban Method

A project or business function can have multiple deliverables in-progress, at different stages of the value stream. Kanban keeping track of all work-in-progress in a visual and easy-to-understand manner that provides a common or single view of the ‘current state of affairs’ to anyone interested to know (the ‘stakeholders’).

Other Examples of value stream (Also called flow) in projects or business functions include:

  • Software projects: Spec -> Dev -> Test -> Release

Kanban Method

  • Marketing Campaigns:

Kanban Method

  • Recruitment Function

Kanban Method

These are just but a few of the many business functions and activities that could benefit from Kanban, others include:

  • Insurance – New Policy Setup, Policy Renewals, Claims Processing
  • Legal – Case Management, Client Setup, Document Manage
  • HR/ Personnel – Recruitment, Job-Req Tracking, Employee-Onboarding, New Policy Rollout

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