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International Kanban Master Foundation

Steen Lerche-Jensen

1.6. Basic idea behind the Kanban concept

The Kanban method is an evolutionary change management structure whereby the existing process is improved in little moves. Through performing many minor changes rather than huge ones, the system risk is greatly reduced. This evolutionary approach of the Kanban law causes close to no resistance among teams and the investors involved.

The first process in the Kanban method is to place a visual idea of the workflow. This is through the method of a Kanban board which includes simple whiteboards and sticky notes or cards. Where each card represents the works to be done.

Kanban Method

Basically, there are three sections in a Kanban Board model, just as shown above:

  • “To Do”: This section shows all the tasks that are yet to be done.
  • “Doing”: This column includes the tasks that are currently in progress by the team.
  • “Done”: Showcases all the completed tasks in the team.

This simple conceptualization and visualization can cause a huge transparency on the work division as well as existing bottlenecks that could be evident. The Kanban Board can portray elaborate workflows based on the complexity of the workflow and the urge to visualize and examine exact sections of the workflow to point out bottlenecks to remove or mitigate them.

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